Why I decided to go with the Refurb [...]

I've been looking forward to the new model MacBook Pro for close to two years. I made my last laptop purchase in 2011 and while that machine has served me well, it's time to hand it down in the family and purchase a new one for my business.

But my expected decision has changed since the keynote last week (October 2016). I'm going to be conservative and purchase a refurbished March 2015 MacBook Pro instead of this latest model with USB-C ports and the Touch function bar. I make my living traveling to customer sites. I have to have a full set of dongles to connect to anything - VGA, HDMI, though thank goodness I think I've seen the last DVI connector. I added up the cost of all the necessary dongles and the increased cost of the computer and realized I could save $1000 by going with last year's model. By the time I need to upgrade again, USB-C will either be the widely-embraced standard, or we'll be on to the next thing. Same with the Touch function bar. So while I will miss having TouchID on my laptop (especially for 1Password), the savings lead me to this decision.

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