AI is just Technology by another name [...]

Good point that jobs have been replaced by computers for decades.

That makes it especially hard to tell where computers end and artificial intelligence begins. After all, accounting used to be done by hand:

Within a decade this picture was obsolete, replaced by an IBM mainframe. A computer was doing what a human could do, albeit within narrow bounds. Was it artificial intelligence?

TECHNOLOGY AND HUMANITY In fact, we already have a better word for this kind of innovation: technology. Technology, to use Merriam-Webster’s definition, is “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.” The story of technology is the story of humanity: the ability to control fire, the wheel, clubs for fighting — all are technology. All transformed the human race, thanks to our ability to learn and transmit knowledge; once one human could control fire, it was only a matter of time until all humans could. (Source)

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