Wikity for PKM

An experiment in Personal Knowledge Mastery and Perpetual Beta (see

You can read your cards by clicking the title on the card. If you are logged in, edit them by clicking the small dot after the title (full editor) or clicking on the text of the card (quick editor).

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2A2 Choose a new tool – Wikity [...]

It's week three of using as my PKM and WOL system. After some initial bumps in the road to install it correctly, I've been super happy with it. The "Wik-it!" bookmarklet works great on Chrome. While reading an interesting web site, I can highlight text and then click on Wik-It! As long as I've logged in to my Wordpress site, this click automatically creates a new pos...


Help:: Getting Started / Day One [...]

Most people find that using Wikity to bookmark is a good place to start. The following video shows how you can bookmark with Wikity. Note that in the video the bookmark says 'Bkmrk' but in recent versions says 'Wik-it'. The editor has also been upgraded...